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Matheus said (22/03/2012 at 13:44)

Bob South of BostonI too experienced exeandpd bubble! My relatives, in the USA since 1659, didn't travel farther from Essex County NJ than the Delaware Water Gap (on the NJ/PA border) to the west and Old Orchard Beach ME to the northeast by the time I was born. However, for my work, I traveled the globe, working in China, Korea, Canada, Mexico, USA, UK, Scotland, France, The Netherlands, and Finland. That expansive bubble started largely thanks to the $59 transatlantic flights of Freddie Laker in the 70s. All of a sudden USA people could contribute to technology in Europe. Later the entire globe opened to our abilities and would pay larger sums for our knowledge.Now, getting back to earth, should we start taking it personally that we are not being treated to pix of the guys that are brightening your days and nites in Sidney?

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