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Flash back to November of last year. That was a cooooold winter...

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Leonidio said (22/03/2012 at 08:14)

here, commuting to mnaitain a relationship isn't great. And I wouldn't do it forever. But until our lives can synchronize, I would do it again in a heartbeat. To find someone whom you respect and find that there is life-long potential is rare. Grab it and cherish it when you can!As for travel, my interests in other languages and cultures has taken me to all continents and most major countries including two trips to Australia with the last tacking on two weeks to camp and kayak on the south island of New Zealand. Traveling opens up the mind and gives us an education we cannot otherwise obtain. It also makes us humble to realize the great accomplishments of humanity over time. I am grateful that I had a career that enabled me to travel and interact with people from various countries. In the end, it gives us a chance to educate others that not all Americans are selfish, protectionistic and self-serving. We do care about people. I believe our geographic isolation has lots to do with our egocentric beliefs. But once one has had a chance to see the world, that perspective changes.

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