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#281 - 12/08/07 - Sunset


Photo: Sunset

Processed sunset - yes, I cheated. Dramatic though.

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Stjepan said (22/03/2012 at 20:46)

Mosaic DaveDavey!I've just finished a 5-day stint in Palm Beach invitisg my best friend who was invitisg from Australia. I get to see him about once a year so when he's close, I make the effort to fly to wherever he is I can totally understand what you're saying as I've lived in a few places and done some travelling, too. I wouldn't change a thing. Thanks to the internet Skype, MSN, Facebook, etc. I can keep in touch with all of them reasonably. It's true, there's nothing like the touch of a loved one. For that I sometimes have to travel. It's a great opportunity to see people and places and appreciate this beautiful and connected world.Cheers and Godspeed!

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