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#193 - 18/04/07 - Hmmm, what's this?


Photo: Hmmm, what's this?

Cotswold Wildlife Park.

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Deb said (19/04/2007 at 20:49)

Oh no. I think he's definitely saying (to a small screaming brat) "You stick your filthy, podgy little hand into my cage again and I'll snap your arm like a twig."

You can see the rage in his eyes.

But then, this hippy furry thing comes over and is all "Hey man, if we all just chill out and, ya know, dig each other's auras for a bit, everything will be totally groovy. Dig?" And the first furry thing does unspeakable thing to the second furry thing with the twig.

I've seen it a dozen times. It never gets any easier though.

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